Language Reclamation

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CITIES is working with Sydney Aboriginal Languages and Computing and Muurrbay Language and Resource centre in Nambucca to produce online web systems to support two types of language reclamation projects:

1. Community teachers sharing ideas for teaching and developing new phrases, This site supports the workflow protocol they develop to allow them to verify new material

2. Community and teachers to access dictionary and archival material on a language. We work with electronic text based dictionary or export from toolbox, and use this material to create the web information. We are linking this to a system to help teachers who are not fluent in their language to create teaching material.

We are producing these systems to be used with any language. Once the language database is uploaded, the system can be used by different language groups. However some of the tools include grammatical aspects of the language, so these will be changed for each language

Also we are producing a mobile app from the second project to make language sharing easier