We support cultural sustainability

The Centre of Indigenous Technology, Innovation and Environmental Sustainability (CITIES) supports research to enable community to develop cultural enterprises, the centre also provides science and cultural consultancy around sustainable solutions.


The hub is about learning and sharing knowledge across cultural paradigms to provide Indigenous perspectives on the Sustainable Development Goals as a way of understanding implementation. This includes aligning cultural indicators with the SDG's. 

We will update the indicators as these processes develop, and are working with organisations wanting to incorporate these into their action plans

The STREAMS Network

STREAMS is the acronym for Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and SUSTAINABILITY. It is important to ensure SUSTAINABILITY is at all levels of educations and innovation and more important that we recognise and respect the vast knowledge of sustainability of the First Australian’s.

The STREAMS Network is specifically for education and cultural leaders in the science, technology and innovation space. Through the STREAMS Network you can make new connections, find new ways to collaborate on ethical and culturally sounds research and projects that aim to sustain our communities and environments.

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Virtual Academy

We support the Virtual Academy to provide education, training, and opportunities for Indigenous communities in science, technology and innovation space. We will list new courses as they are developed

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